Founded in 1995, ELUMÁQUINAS has been consolidating as one of the largest companies of credibitily in the area of Sales, Rental Machines, Services and Cash Flow Automation Solutions for companies of various sizes and segments.
We are proud to say that this credibility was ganied during all these years of existence, those customers who have placed all their trust in our work, and that often come down to our company through indication. We seek to satisfy our customers with our service. We make every effort, so that your company becomes increasingly competitive at the market which it operates.
ELUMÁQUINAS today has an own headquarter in São Cristóvão - RJ.
Technology and Convenience at your fingertips
Our sophisticated range of technologies for counting and sorting banknotes and coins, transforms the way notes and coins are handled. Allows to transform the complex verification tasks into quick and simple procedures, ensuring the accuracy of the count.
Providing unprecedented efficiencies, through speed and accuracy, its use results in a significant increase in the availability of staff, allowing their replacement in important functions such as greater engagement with customers, problem solving, and increased revenues.