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Banknote Sorter Cobra 4004/4008/4012


Process notes at 12 notes per second, capable of processing poor quality notes and the largest feeder capacity of up to 2000 notes. Efficient and reliable.

Efficiency- best in class ability to process poor quality notes, thereby maximizing throughput per day.

Throughput- processing at speeds of up to 12 notes per second combined with operating efficiency, delivers class-leading performance.

Efficient note feeder- the largest capacity in its, class of up to 2,000 notes, which increases operator's productivity by reducing frequent reloading, and 200 notes stacker capacity.

Reliability - highly engineered to combine performance with robustness, the Cobra system is built for 24x7 availability and investment.

Modularity- the ability to add or remove modules on-site in minutes, with a range of output options including on-line strapping and secure shredding.